Advantage And Disadvantages Of Television In Points For Debate English

Are you tired of searching the advantages and disadvantages of television in points for debate? Don’t worry, finally, you end up in the right direction. In this post, you will find the important points on pros and cons of watching television for your debate.

Technology is growing day by day in every way. We are getting several advantages from this rising technology, meanwhile, the growth of technology considered as a harmful source in few ways. Television is one of them which provide advantages and disadvantages to the people especially to the kids.

Advantage And Disadvantages Of Television In Points For Debate English

Unlike other technology devices, televisions travel with us for long period of time. Because television is the best medium where we can watch and get to know what’s happening around the world. But some people addicted to dramas and program shows which make them sit in front of the TV for long hours.

In simple words, I would say, television is good for the people who use it for their little relaxation and it is not good for the people who are addicted to the shows.

Through this post, I’m going to line up the advantages and disadvantages of television in points for debate. I’m sure that these points would help you for the debate in various ways.
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Advantages Of Television In Points For Debate

1. Entertainment
Will you agree with me if I say television is the best, cheap, and easy entertaining tool for all aged people around the world? Yes, definitely you would agree with me.

Still, I can hear your mind voice. You are thinking the worth of other entertainments compared to television. You are right; there are many entertainments waiting for you. But, I’m pretty sure that television is the one and only cheap and easy source which entertain you in different ways.

You don’t need to go outside for this entertainment. Just sit on the couch and enjoy your favorite programs with some snacks.

My dad, who is 60+ now, switch on the television for only watching comedy shows. In his case, the TV comedy shows entertain him. Likewise, many other programs telecast on television entertain every people in a unique way.

So, without a single doubt, I would say, television entertains people in different ways.

2. Pass The Free Time
This is very important for all the people, especially for aged people. It is little hard to spend the time for our moms and dads after retired from their job. Even in this situation, television is the best choice for them.

Just imagine how your parents would pass the time when they are alone at the home without having a television.

Not only the aged people but also the kids, teenagers, and adults pass their free time by watching their favorite programs on television.

Overall, I would say, television is one of the essential sources to pass the free time. Otherwise, you may get bored on your free times.

3. Get To Know What Is Happening Around The World
This is the number one advantage of having a television in the home.

In this busy world, we don’t know what is happening on our neighbor’s home. So, how can we get to know what is happening on the next street, next district, next country? Television is the best source which brings all important and valuable news to you.

Of course, you can get to know these pieces of news through the newspapers, radio, and internet. But, ultimately television is the best source among all the mediums.

Television easily brings the natural disasters, political changes, sports news, facts and gossips of movie stars, spiritual news, and medical news around the world. So the people easily get to know what is happening around the world.

4. Relaxation
Relaxation is one of the unavoidable needs for the people who live in this era.

Nowadays, people run here and there for earn money. Money, which rules the world in various ways. Without having money none of the people give respect to you. This is the bitter truth of this 20th century. So every people sacrifice their life only for earn money.

This is why I am saying relaxation is very important in the current world. Television does the best job for these busy world people. At least in the evening time, after finish the work, people get to relax by watch television programs.

After the busy day, television influences a lot in the relaxation of your body and brain.

Advantage And Disadvantages Of Television In Points For Debate English

5. Adults Can Learn A Lot
Yes, it is true. Television is one of the best learning objects for adults.

It teaches you the common sense, how to forgive other people, the spirit of sports, confident and so on. Besides, you can get to know what’s happening around the world from the news.

Some people crazy on trying new dishes at home. Television is one of the best media which telecast some cooking programs which helps the adults to learn different recipes from various countries.

Apart from all, few channels like discovery channel telecast some amazing videos which we never saw in our lifetime. Through such programs, adults can learn a lot.

6. Kids Can Learn A Lot
More than adults, kids learn a lot from television.

Most of the kids always watch cartoons on TV. Basically, kids start watching cartoons at their early age of six months. Since the cartoon shows always targeting kids, the cartoon designers and creators provide the best for kids. They targeted the kids learns at least a little from their cartoon shows.

In fact, I would say, cartoon shows impact at least a little on kids learning. There are many education cartoons shows out there. Such shows intend to teach something to the kids.

Infants and toddlers start learning different words and the meanings from cartoon shows.

Besides cartoon shows, kids learn a lot from sports channel, discovery channel, animal planet channel, news channel, an educational channel, etc.

7. Learn The English Language
This is not suitable for the people whose first language is English. But television helps a lot for the people whose first language is not English.

At this moment, English is the language which rules the world. Without knowing English you can’t get a good place in this competitive world.

So, how to learn and speak English? With my experience and some of my colleague’s past experiences, I would recommend you to watching English news, English movies, and English programs which certainly build your English knowledge step by step.

So televisions do a great job on English learning process by telecasting some good English programs.

8. Tele-Shopping Bargain Deals
Nowadays, there are many products selling through television.

You may come across some Tele-shopping programs where the advertisers sell their products after give a good description. Not only they describe their product but also they sell these products with a good deal. As far as I know, many people buy those products after watching it on the Tele-shopping program.

Television is a growing medium for Tele-shoppers to bring their products to the right customers.

9. Family Can Sit Together
Whether you agree with me or not, I would say, every family member has to sit together at least once in every day. This is very important in order to raise your family with love and care.

Why is family important? The family is not only with you at your happy moments but also they will be with you at your any difficult situation.

Television is one of the great media for families togetherness. Mostly, it happens in the evening time. Parents after the work and kids after the school can able to sit together in front of the television.

In this hectic world, this is a good way to talk and laugh together as a family.

Advantage And Disadvantages Of Television In Points For Debate English

10. Bridge Between People And Politicians Or Actors
Just imagine, how can you get to know about politicians, actors, and entertainers without having a television? Of course, you can learn about them through other mediums like newspapers, radio, and the internet.

But will you agree with me if I say television is the easiest source among all the mediums? Also, television is the only medium which telecast everything in a more detailed way.

Let’s say a political leader or a famous actor wants to bring an important message to people. For that, they can choose only the press media and the press media bring that news to us through their unique TV channels.

So television works as a bridge between the people and politicians, actors, and entertainers.

11. Large Screen
There are TVs with more than 100 inches display size. Imagine how large are they?

Let’s say you are going to watch a movie. What will be your choice? A 100 inches TV or 16 inches laptop or 6 inches smartphone? Obviously, every one of you chooses the large screen. This means television is the only choice for you.

Not only for movies but also for watching your wedding DVDs or the Blue-ray discs, ultimately you choose the large screen object which is none other than the television.

Disadvantages Of Television In Points For Debate

1. Spoil The Time
As I mentioned earlier, television is the best source for pass your free time. But if you addicted to television, it will easily spoil your valuable time.

Especially kids have to aware of spending more time in front of the television. Parents should have to be careful on the amount of time your kids watching television.

Spending more time on television would affect the studying time for kids. Watching TV for kids is a good practice, but with the limited time only. Don’t be addicted to television which spoils your studying time.

Also, kids failed to go out and play because of watching TV. The video games totally spoil the kid’s physical activities which are not a good sign at all.

Not only the kids but also some adults too spoil their time by watching television. Mostly women addicted to dramas and reality shows while men addicted to sports and movies. Hence, they don’t find time for doing even their daily routine works.

In conclusion, I would say, watching television is good for your relaxation. But spending more time with television would cause some unwanted problems in your family life. Also, sitting in front of the television for a long time will cause health issues.

2. Not Good For Eyes
Watch the television program for long hours definitely affect your eyesight. Some people especially the kids sitting very close to the TV and watch programs. That is not good for their eyesight.

Focusing your eyes too long on television can cause eyestrain.

Some researchers conclude watching the TV for a long time won’t cause any serious damages on your eye, but sitting very close to the TV and watch programs can cause some unwanted issues on eyes.

So, always keep your kids in a long distance from the television. Also, don’t allow them to sit in front of the TV for long hours.

Advantage And Disadvantages Of Television In Points For Debate English

3. Some Shows Are Not Good For Kids
Some TV shows including sexual programs, crime shows, misleading advertisements, and few other programs are not good for kids.

The kids don’t know about anything. They don’t know what is real and what is fake. So they believe everything that they watch and hear. This is why the parents have to be careful about what your kids watching.

4. Sleeping Time Is On Questionable
Sleeping is an essential part of every human life.

In this busy and tiring life, your brain should need some rest for a period of time. Sleeping is the best time for asking your brain to take a good rest.

But some people especially children give up their sleeping time only because watching their favorite show on television. This kind of practice is not a good idea at all. Don’t let your children watch television on their usual sleeping time.

If you sleep at late, you may feel very hard to wake up in the morning. Even if you wake up on time, you feel too lazy on the whole day. So, don’t give up your sleep and watch television programs.

5. Health Issues
I mentioned two important health issues on my earlier points. One is watching television may affect your eyesight especially sitting too close to the TV.

The second health issue is, sleeping late or give up sleeping and watching TV is not good for your brain.

Besides these two health issues, your body feels lazy after watching TV for long hours. Also, sitting long hours and watching TV can put some fat on your body.

Be aware of these health issues by watching TV for a certain amount of time.

6. Lead Adults In A Wrong Way
Yes, watching unwanted programs leads the adults in a wrong path.

As you all know, unlike the past decades, nowadays terrorism is growing remarkably. Some TV crime shows and few adult’s video games are the main reasons for that. It’s sad but the truth.

Besides, adults watch more movies on the TV. After watching some movies, they resemble themselves as like a movie star and show off to others.

Also, few youngsters form a gangster group and do some unwanted activities on the society. These all unfavorable habits mostly rise after watching a movie.

This is how television can mislead the adults in a wrong path.

Advantage And Disadvantages Of Television In Points For Debate English

7. No Time For Spending With Family
As I mentioned earlier television is a good source which makes the family members sitting together. At the same time, the same television can cause the family’s togetherness.

Let’s say you are addicted to cricket and there is an important match. You spend almost the whole day by watching that cricket match. So where you can find the time to spend time with your family.

Likewise, women addicted to dramas and reality shows. Some women never think about anything when their favorite program is on the TV. So how they can find time to spend with her husband or kids.

This is how TV affects your valuable time to spend with your family. So don’t be addicted to any programs. Just watch the TV programs for your relaxation only.

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These are the basic advantages and disadvantages of television in points for debate. You can bring these points with you for a successful debate.

If you have any other ideas on advantages and disadvantages of television in points for debate, you can mention that in the comment box below.

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