10+ Funny Conversation Between Two Friends After A Long Time (Best & Humor)

Have you ever noticed a funny conversation between two friends after a long time? It is pretty humor and the best moment. The friend circle without a fun is like a movie without music. Friends are the best part of our life. Without friends, the life gets bored. We have our parents, siblings, wife, children, and other relatives. But if you don’t have even a single best friend, you may find emptiness in your life.

We all have at least a good funny friend who always tells some jokes and makes everyone laugh. The following funny conversation between two friends may recall your old memories. Alright without talking much, let’s see some of the best and funny conversation between two friends after a long time.
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10+ Funny Conversation Between Two Friends After A Long Time

Funny Conversation Between Two Friends After A Long Time

John: Hi Henry

Henry: Hi John, after a long time.

John: Yeah dude, where do you live now?

Henry: With my parents

John: Where do your parents live?

Henry: With me

John: Where do you all live?

Henry: Together

John: Dude don’t joke

Henry: I’m not joking dude

John: Ok, now tell me, where is your house?

Henry: Next to my neighbor’s house

John: Where is your neighbor’s house?

Henry: Next to my house

John: Grrrrrrr

Mark: Hey dude, what’s up?

Harry: Nothing much buddy. How’s everything with you?

Mark: All good. Yesterday I went to a 7-star Hotel restaurant.

Harry: Wow, that’s amazing buddy. I missed it.

Mark: It’s not amazing.

Harry: Why, what happened?

Mark: When I was there, I really needed to pass gas.

Harry: And?

Mark: The music was really loud, so I did it.

Harry: And?

Mark: I realized I was listening to my iPod.

Harry: hahaha hahaha

Christen and Justin are best friends and both meet up after a month

Christen: Hi Justin, I’m sorry for what happened between us a month ago.

Justin doesn’t care about him and walk away

Christen: Are you still mad at me?

Justin: Twinkle, twinkle little star.

Christen: How I wonder what you are?

Justin: Wish I could hit you with my car.

Christen: Ok, you are still mad at me.

Juan and Franklin are best friends and they meet up after a long time. Juvan is a funny guy and he is good at telling some good jokes. After a little chat,

Franklin: Juan, I badly missed your jokes. Tell me a joke now.

Juan: Sure. Ok, tell me, how do you put an elephant in a fridge?

Franklin: I don’t know.

Juan: It’s easy. You just open the fridge and put it in. I have another question.

Franklin: Okay. Ask.

Juan: How to put the donkey inside the fridge?

Franklin: It’s easy. You just open the fridge and put it in.

Juan: No. You just open the fridge, take out the elephant and put the donkey inside.

Franklin: Oh ok.

Juan: Let me ask another one. If all the animals went to the lion’s birthday party and one animal went missing. Which one would it be?

Franklin: I don’t know.

Juan: It’s the donkey. Because it’s still inside the fridge.

Franklin: Are you kidding me?

Juan: No Franklin. One last question.

Franklin: Ok.

Juan: If there is a river full of crocodiles and you wanted to cross, how would you?

Franklin: There is no way. I would need a boat to cross.

Juan: No man. You just swim and cross the river. Because all the animals including crocodiles went to the lion’s birthday party.

Franklin: It’s enough buddy, I never ask you to tell a joke again.

Steve makes a call to Jude after a long time

Steve: Hi Jude, How are you mate?

Jude: I’m good and happy to hear from you after a long time.

Steve: Yes Jude, I’m little busy here. Anyway, I called you because wanna congratulate you.

Jude: Thank you very much, Steve. It’s so nice.

Steve: Today is one of the happiest days in your life. So enjoy the day.

Jude: But my marriage is fixed for tomorrow.

Steve: That’s why I said, today is one of your happiest days.

Jude cut the phone connection and Steve laughs on the floor.

10+ Funny Conversation Between Two Friends After A Long Time

Dave: Kane, I have a bad news

Kane: Me too.

Dave: What’s that?

Kane: Tracy cheated on me.

Dave: Oh, then I have a good news.

Kane: What?

Dave: I hit her with my car.

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Richard and Steve are text each other after a long time. In the middle of the conversation

Richard: Hey dude, I’m bored. Tell me a good joke.

Steve: Sure.

Steve: How do you keep an idiot in suspense?

Richard: I don’t know. How?

After one minute

Richard: I’m waiting for your answer

After three minutes

Richard: Hellooooooooooo

After five minutes

Richard: Why don’t you answer?

Steve laughing without sends him a reply.

Henry: Hey Jacob, How’s everything?

Jacob: I’m good buddy. How are you?

Henry: I’m good too.

After a long chat

Jacob: Shall we play truth or dare game?

Henry: Sure

Jacob: Truth or dare?

Henry: Truth

Jacob: Alright, have you ever lie to me?

Henry: I mean dare. Damn you autocorrect.

Jacob: Alright, I dare you to answer the question.

Harry and Julian are text each other after a long time

Harry: Hi Julian how are you?

Julian: I’m doing well. How are you?

Harry: I’m doing great.

Harry: I just wanna ask you a question

Julian: Sure buddy.

Harry: My Girlfriend typed IDK and TTYL. What is that mean?

Julian: I Don’t Know. Talk To You Later.

Harry: Ok, I will ask you whenever you are free.

Bethany: Hi Elisa, How are you doing? After a long time.

Elisa: Yeah it’s nice to meet you, Bethany. I’m good.

Bethany: Why do you look so sad?

Elisa: Harry just broke up with me. I’m so sad.

Bethany: Aww. Sorry dear. Don’t worry, let me go and get an ice cream for you.

Elisa: OK. Promise?

Bethany: Promise.

Elisa: Hahahaha, Just kidding. I’m just hungry. No going back, you promised.

Bethany: You are an evil Elisa.

A Chinese Girl and an American girl meet up after a long time. After a little chat between these two friends,

American Girl: Did you change your phone number?

Chinese Girl: Yes, I did.

American Girl: What’s your number?

Chinese Girl: Sex sex sex, free sex tonight.

American Girl: Excuse me. Can you type your number on my phone, please?

Chinese Girl: Sure

She Typed, 6663629

10+ Funny Conversation Between Two Friends After A Long Time

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These are my collection of funny conversation between two friends after a long time. I’m pretty sure that you laugh on some conversations. If you know any other funny conversation between two friends after a long time, you can write that in the comment box below. Also, you can share this post with your friends and family by clicking one of the social share buttons below.

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