Top 4 Reason Why Family Is Important In Our Life

Why family is important in your life? It is a good question to ask yourself. Because you are not here without your mom and dad. I strongly recommend you, after reading this whole post, just ask yourself “why family is important in your life”.

The family is your blood and only the family members can accept you for who you are. The family would do anything to see you smile and love you no matter what. Your family is the one and only place where your life begins and love never ends.Top 4 Reason Why Family Is Important In Our Life

You may have lots of people in your life, but you won’t find a single person who cares the most exactly same as your parents. Would you agree with me? Some of you may not agree with me, but this is the truth and one day you will realize this on your own. Actually, most of us don’t know the importance of family and how each of the family member impact on us.

Basically, most of you may know the importance of your family. But you guys never know, there are some families living together without any love or affection between each other. I hope, this post will help such people and get back them into a happy family life.

There are many reasons why a family is important in everyone’s life. Through this post, I’m going to line up only four important reasons why a family is important in your life.
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Why Family Is Important?

1. Family Make Children Future
A family is the only place where children learning a lot after the school. In school, teachers taught children about the subjects which will help them to find a good job in future. But in the home, Family taught children about habits, discipline, behavior which do not only help them to find a good job but also help them to live a great life in future. This is the main reason why the family is important for kids.

When babies come out from mother’s womb, first they see their parents and thereafter they spent most of the time with their family until going to school. Those three to four years is really important for babies to get to know some basic habits from parents, sisters, and brothers.

In fact, during the first three years, your baby’s brain triples in weight and establishes about 1000 trillion nerve connection. In this period they get to know many things from their family especially from their mom and dad. I strongly believe none of you going to teach bad habits to your baby.

Parents have to be careful in actions in front of their babies because your baby learns habits and discipline from you only. Some parents may think their baby is two or three years old and the baby will not affect when fighting each other in front of them. That is a wrong calculation mom and dad. The baby won’t react but observe everything. So do your fights and wrong activities somewhere alone. Try to keep your baby happy and play with them as much as you can.

Top 4 Reason Why Family Is Important In Our Life

2. Family Stays With You In Any Situation
This is one of the great advantages of family and many of us never realize this at any time.

You may have lots of friends or relatives or office mates. They will definitely be with you in your happy times or any successful achievements. But, your parents, sisters, and brothers are the only ones will stay with you in your hard and difficult times. In very rare situation your friends and/or relative stands with you in your hard times. But your family members will always stand with you.

Do you know what? your mom and dad are the only ones who understand you much more than anyone else in the world. Because they are your creators and the only ones traveling with you from the beginning. So they understand your feelings and always there for you whenever you need someone abundantly. This is the power of family.

There are many people can help you, but the family will help you whenever you are alone.

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Top 4 Reason Why Family Is Important In Our Life

3. Family Make Better Society
A perfect family is a great example of the whole society. Do you agree with me?

Father, mother, children all of them have to work in order to build a perfect family. If any of them failed then the whole family collapsed. Many families face this situation very much nowadays. The good name of the whole family ruined by a single member of the family. That is really sad but it is a bitter truth.

Every family member should work hard and build an optimal family. This will not only make a happy family but also make a good society. A good family will impact very much in a society and a society will impact very much in the country. So an ideal country not only builds by the government but also each and every family member.

Each family is the principal key to the society. This is one of another good reason why the family is important in our life.

Top 4 Reason Why Family Is Important In Our Life

4. Family Celebrates Your Happiness
This is one more important reasons why the family is important in our life. You are living in the 20th century and not in the 18th or the 19th-century. Before people don’t care about rich or poor and they never worry about educated or uneducated. But this 20th century is different. People communicate each other with their standard.

Jealousy is the cheapest thing which you can see everywhere in this world. If you are richer, or more educated, or beautiful, or handsome, or get promotions, or buy a costly car, or buy a house people get jealous of you. In short, if you are happy then some people get jealous on you.

But the family is something different and it is a God’s gift. They never jealous of you, instead they encourage when you pass every step. Moreover, they celebrate with you in your every happy moment. Especially parents always looking forward your every advance steps. This is why the family is important in your every step.

Top 4 Reason Why Family Is Important In Our Life

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So what do you think of these top four reasons why family is important in your life? As I mentioned earlier, now do ask yourself “why family is important in your life”. Once you think hard, definitely you will realize the importance of your family.

Even though there are many more reasons, these are the best reason why a family is important in our life. If you know any other good reasons why a family is important, write that in the comment box below which will help many readers. Also, you can share this post with friends and family by clicking one of the social share buttons below.

  1. very practicle oriented and good article

  2. Some Family is just toxic and do not accept you for who you are. This article sounds like a Mayberry ideal of family, which rarely happen in these times. Some family’s try to control the way you think and act so you don’t know who you really are. very toxic, I left my family when I was 17 and never looked back. My friends are my family because they do accept me without trying to force changes to their ideals. Much better and I do not miss them at all. Get some perspective next time before you make blanket statements like it is always better…

  3. It is very marvelous article on importance of family.
    So thanks to you

  4. A better title for this article would be “The Top 4 Reasons why family is important In MY life.” Because you can’t speak for anyone else.
    If you have a family that celebrates with you and encourages you, that would do anything to see you smile, that’s great! I’m happy for you! But surely you must realize that it’s NOT universally true.
    “Some of you may not agree with me, but this is the truth guys and one day you will realise this by your own.” This is really offensive to people who have suffered at the hands of their own family members. A lot of people have been (and continue to be) abused, abandoned, neglected by family. You don’t know anything about what life is like for them, so why on earth would you assume they’ll someday realize you’re right and they’re wrong? That’s anything but helpful.

    • Hi Emily,
      I can understand your feeling and and to spread the value of family for every member. so that they understand and support each other. I pray your family member must their fault and your pain.

      Hope for the best.

    • Hi Emily,
      Thanks for stopping by and post a valuable comment.

  5. It’s a really good article for even ESL students. Thank you for mentioning the true value of Family.

  6. This article is complete BS. Your family is the first to abandon you when you are not who they wanted you to be.

    • It doesn’t have to be this way, though it was with one family member of mine recently. I’m sorry you have not had more good experiences.

  7. I actually agree with a lot of points in this article – maybe I just have an awesome family 🙂

  8. Hi, I’m Vietnamese and I’m having a thesis about family. Your blog has hepled me a lot, so I wonder if I can translate this into Vietnamese?

  9. We are talking the importance and what families must be. It doesn’t mean they are all like that.
    So thanks for that. Will try my best for my lovely chidren.
    God bless you.

  10. Good comments by all. Life is not always fair. So what? With out the striving for a higher order or greater universal ideal and understanding we are reduced to our lesser animal instincts. All families, regardless of the circumstances or wear with all, stay together, stay safe and stay strong. Nothing is routine. Love you all.

  11. Thanks alot now i understand the importance of the family,but not all family are friendly to each family members,but thanks for your answer

  12. Great article! I enjoyed it.

  13. Some points I agree and I love my family, but I facing problem when one member of us getting envy on me. So, I don’t think all members will support each other since this person got married with the couple and is likely to change… I do not know how to solve now. Really stressful because this person become to criticize all members just because of supporting me.

  14. Thanks a lot. The article is interesting to read and, in my opinion, a good way to remind people that they are people, not animals and realize the mere fact that we live in a society cteated by people brought up in families, not in caves or jungles.

    I regret to do it,but I have to mention that there are lots of mistakes especially in the last 2 paragraphs. (e.g.Line 3 paragraph 4 “Before people doesn’t care about rich or poor…”)

  15. Reply
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  16. Lucky you having a ‘good’ family. For some of us who question the importance of family it is because we haven’t been so lucky and our family have been unsupportive unaccepting and harmful to us. I agree with you – in an ideal world – and I have created such a ‘family’ but I grew up in a dysfunctional one who still to this day do not understand ‘family’.

  17. Great article. However, some constructive criticism for the future, would be to proof read 🙂 xx love yaaaaaaaaa Also big fan of your work, I too believe in the importance of family. Hit up my ted talk xx

  18. Family is the single most important influence in a child’s life. From their first moments of life, children depend on parents and family to protect them and provide for their needs. Parents and family form a child’s first relationships.

  19. Family is key. If you really want to find refuge in today stressful world, then be closer to your family.

  20. Thank you very much for this article its very helpful. Regardless of what type of family we are coming from…the points listed are still the importance of family. God Bless you.


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